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Ants in Caldwell Idaho

House Ants

House ants are some of the most common pests in Idaho. They are more black and shiny than a lot of ants. They look for sweets and treats inside your home. These ants can nest in many locations. Some of their favorites may be inside walls, under sinks, extra space areas, and or anywhere enclosed. These ants tend to like warmer areas. Another place they may set up shop could be behind your water heater or close to your furnace. Outside you may see them in wood piles under livestock bedding. These ants are the most active during the summer or when their nest is disturbed.

Pavement Ants

These are small dark brown ants. As the name suggests you can find these on sidewalks and brick paths. Since they are located around your house they have easy access to sneak in and out of your home. During the summer they like to get into your garden and destroy your freshly grown veggies. It’s weird to think of ants as omnivores, but they eat other insects, sugars, grease and meat.

Carpenter Ants

This is one of the larger ants that reside in Idaho. They actually don’t eat any wood. They hollow out the wood to live in and make room for more ants. These critters are the only wood destroying ant that we have in Idaho. If they get into your home they can destroy the framework of your house. You can identify these ants by finding tiny piles of sawdust at the base of the wood that they are burrowing. These guys usually feed on proteins. Their absolute favorite food is aphids.

Ants can be a menace to any household, they are often found inside food and others burrow and damage the wood in your home. Call us today to get rid of these tiny pests.

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