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Ant walking on green plant stem
John Richards

How to Remove Ants from Your Yard?

We’ve all experienced the frustration of an ant invasion in our yards. These tiny creatures, while small in size, can create significant problems if left

How to Remove Ants from Your Car
John Richards

How to Remove Ants from Your Car?

Ever discovered a trail of ants inside your car and wondered how they got there? Well, you’re not alone. Ant infestations in vehicles are surprisingly

Black Carpenter Ant Removal
John Richards

How to Remove Carpenter Ants?

Bare witness to a peculiar, enigmatic spectacle. You spot an odd accumulation of what seems to be wood shavings in a desolate corner of your

Pest Control
John Richards

How to Keep Pests Out this Winter

Everyone assumes that summer is the worst time of the year. Pests are most active in the summer. They, like us, have to find shelter