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Remove those pesky ants from your home or business. Ant infestation can cause major damage to a property and often be dangerous to your health. Remove them today for a pest free environment. Contact White Pest Control in Garland Today!

For decades White Pest Control has been protecting homes in Garland.
Staffed by a team of highly trained local Ant Removal Experts.
Resolving Ant control problems using the latest and greatest techniques.

Ant Control - Testimonials

Wonderful job. I was out of state for a few weeks and when I came home I found my house had been overrun with Ants. I needed Ant Removal asap. White Pest Control arrived and took care of everything. Truly great.
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Rated 4.7 out of 5
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They were great!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I contacted White Pest Control to remove some ants from my home. They were great! The service was friendly and professional. They removed the ants quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


I was really hesitant...

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I was really hesitant to try White Pest Control because I had such bad experiences with other pest control companies in the past. But my friend recommended them and they had such good reviews, so I decided to give them a shot. And I’m so glad I did! They were amazing. They were friendly, professional, and they removed the ants from my home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great pest control company.


I was really freaked out...

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I was really freaked out when I found ants in my home. I called White Pest Control and they came over right away. They were so friendly and professional and they got rid of the ants! I was really relieved. Thank you, White Pest Control!

Natural Ant Control Garland

By choosing White Pest Control you are choosing a natural ant control method. Natural ant control is an excellent choice for any home owner looking for an eco friendly solution. This method is harmless to humans but lethal to ants, using only natural substances like diatomaceous earth or borax. Natural methods mat take longer to be effective than other methods. 

Pest Control Expert

Ant Control - What We Do

Ever had to deal with an onslaught of ants in your home or yard? It’s no picnic. These miniscule creatures can and indeed produce enormous issues in homes, gardens, and lawns and disrupt the tranquility of your living space. That’s where our service for ant control inGarland, Texas Garland comes in. Our crew of ant removal experts knows everything there is to know about how to deal with, eliminate, and wipe out any ant infestation. Using the top-rated ant control methods and natural ant control our ant removal team can promptly and efficiently eliminate ants from your place.

Why Use Us

With decades of experience in the pest control business we know it all. Hiring us for ant removal is a no brainer. Find out why you should choose us for Ant Control in Garland, Texas.

How Do We Control Ants

Understanding Ant Behavior: Grasping the behavior of an ant is crucial to regulate them. Ants thrive in communities and are social insects, so by identifying the ants' track we identify the community. This is the initial part in how to control ants. Once we have discovered their trail we can utilize an effective method for ant extermination.

DIY Ant Control: You could detect a few ants straying throughout your residence, you can attempt a DIY ant control method, it could fix the difficulty in the meanwhile, but potentially they will reappear. You might test a easy carpenter ant control home fix as carpenter ants are the most prevalent ant detected in Garland, Texas. However, if you notice a trail of ants marching in and out of your home then it is time to call in our team of professionals.

Hiring a Professional Ant Exterminator

Opting for a Pro Ant Exterminator is the most efficient method of ant control and will offer a long-lasting solution for ant pest control. Whether you’re dealing with ordinary ants, Argentine ants, or are in search of carpenter ant removal experts near me, our experts can assist. Every member of the squad of ant exterminators has specialized knowledge and tools to deliver successful ant removal.

Safe and Non-toxic Ant Control

We make every effort to maintain ants away while also guaranteeing the safety of your family members and pets. Utilizing Safe ant control methods, like natural extracts or natural sprays, both these these methods are safe and successful. Larger infestations are harder to deal with but we always make sure we use a non-hazardous for pets ant control method.

Outdoor Ant Control

Outdoor ant infestations can be pretty a bother, particularly in your garden. Fire ants, for instance, are not only harmful to people and pets, but they also hurt lawns. External ant control involves utilizing granules or feeding spots tactically placed around your property. For severe infestations, for instance fire ant extermination, a qualified exterminator might be necessary.

When to Call an Exterminator for Ants

If you have experimented with DIY methods and they seem to be ineffective, or should the infestation is serious, it's the moment to contact an professional for ants. These professionals can carry out a thorough inspection, implement an effective treatment plan, and offer advice on avoiding future infestations.

When To Hire An Ant Removal Expert

Ant control may appear like a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the appropriate information and tools at your availability, managing ants can be feasible. Whether or not you choose to use a DIY pest control strategy for Argentine ants, seek an organic fire ant control method, or search for the best ant exterminator near me, it’s important to react quickly to stop further invasion.

Don’t forget, the best pest control for ants entails not only removing the present infestation but also avoiding future ones. With an knowledge of ant activity and control techniques, we wish you’re now prepared to handle these little invaders efficiently. If you notice yourself struggling, don’t hold back to get in touch with an ant exterminator – their expertise can spare you effort, effort, and maybe prevent high-priced property damage.

Whether or not it’s indoor ant control or handling outside invaders, Our extermination squad will help to transform your living spaces into ant-free zones again!

Where To Find Us

Just search ant control near me in google and you will see us. We operate all over the US and we perform Ant Control in Garland. Our team of ant removal experts are eager to solve your ant problems. Contact us today.

Ant Control FAQs

We get asked all sorts of questions about Ant removal, so we put together a list of the most common we get asked, to make it easier and faster for the simple things.

The best way to get rid of ants is by enlisting the assistance of experts, like the skilled team at Our Extermination Services. Our Ant Control program is crafted particularly to handle ant infestations of all kinds of sizes, using cutting-edge techniques and products to confirm the problem is thoroughly addressed.

Ants can be handled through a selection of methods. Nonetheless, we at White Pest Control believe in a complete approach that incorporates inspection, treatment, and avoidance strategies. Our Ant Control service will confirm that your ant problem is effectively managed, offering peace of mind and a pest-free environment.

There are many home remedies available, but for steady and long-lasting results, we advise our Ant Control service at White Pest Control. Our professionally formulated treatments not only eliminate existing ants but also set up a barrier that deters future infestations.

The most effective ant killer around the the house isn’t necessarily a single product, but a professional pest control service such as ours at Our Extermination Services. We use a blend of methods and specially designed products to efficiently and safely eliminate ants near your property.

Speed and permanence in ant control come from experience and competency. At Our Extermination Services, our Ant Control service is designed to offer swift and lasting results. Our specialists are trained to deal with ant infestations quickly and make certain they don’t recur.

Even though it’s true that some people use salt as a home remedy to stop ants, its efficiency is limited and it’s not a long-lasting solution. For reliable and durable results, consider using Our Pest Control Agency’s Ant Control service. We provide research-based solutions that are much more effective than home remedies.

Ants are naturally deterred by certain substances like vinegar, cinnamon, and citrus peels. Nonetheless, these natural remedies often provide only temporary relief. For a longer-term permanent solution, choose our Ant Control service at Our Extermination Services. We use a combination of methods to create an environment that is naturally unfriendly to ants.

While it would be great to eliminate ants overnight, it often requires a bit more time to ensure all ants, including those in hidden colonies, are totally removed. With Our Pest Control Agency’s Ant Control service, you can expect a speedy and efficient response to your ant problem, ensuring a thorough, long-term solution.

Ant Control Garland

Remove those pesky ants from your home or business. Ant infestation can cause major damage to a property and often be dangerous to your health. Remove them today for a pest free environment. Contact White Pest Control in Garland Today!